Halo Hair Extensions – Achieving Longer and Fuller Hair Instantly

Halo hair extensions in NYC have become a trend. But what are Halo hair extensions all about? What makes them so popular among the people in NYC? The following post is all about these popular hair extensions. Have a look!

Removable Extensions

Halo hair extensions are one of the simplest ways to achieve longer and fuller hair. Using these extensions is simple; hence it is perfect for first-time users. Halo extensions do not require clipping, tape or sewing! It sits gently on the top of your head and secured with a thin invisible wire. Usually Halo extensions can be used in several situations.  People can add length and fill out their ends to create volume.  They can also be used on shorter length hair for thickness and create the illusion of thicker hair on top of the head.  Generally, Halo’s are best suited for people with thin to medium density hair.


Halo hair extensions that are custom made are a step above ready-made. What makes Halo hair extensions in NYC so popular is its non-damaging process of adding instant length and volume to natural hair.  The Halo is custom made to match your color, texture and sized to fit your head.  A custom Halo can make all the difference in that it blends seamlessly and won’t slide on your head.

Best Hair Extensions Salons NYC

A common question that most people ask about the Halo extensions is that how it stays on without falling off!  When it is sized to fit your head, the hair weight on top and gravity helps in keep it in place.

How to Care for Halo Extensions

Custom Halo extensions usually last for 12-24 months and sometimes longer, depending upon the way you use and care for them. For better care make sure to follow the maintenance care instructions and use the recommended shampoo and conditioner. Hair products that are appropriate for hair extensions insure that they last as long as possible.


Can Halo Extensions be dyed?

Yes, Halo extensions can be dyed or toned by a professional hair colorist as these are made of high grade 100% Remy human hair. However, you cannot bleach or lighten the Halo extensions as it can damage the hair!


Custom Hair by Catherine provides high quality Halo hair extensions in NYC. For more information stay connected  with Custom Hair By Catherine on Facebook and Instagram .

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