5 Best Reasons to Buy Tape in Hair Extensions in NYC

Hair extensions are something that once you use them, you can’t live without them. The additional hair gives you the ultimate confidence, enhances your beauty and makes you look and feel better. There are so many hair extensions available to choose from. When it comes to choosing hair extensions, tape in hair extensions in NYC are simply one of the best options to consider.

JeanneRtape (1)

Here are a few reasons why considering tape in hair extensions make sense:

  1. Easy to use

Tape in hair extensions are considered easy to use and apply when done professionally. It takes only an hour to apply on average, making the application much quicker than other methods.

  1. Lightweight

Generally, tape in hair extensions are lightweight because of their thin construction and width. More often women forget that they’re wearing tape in extensions as they are not felt while in the hair. You just tape it and forget; until around 6-8 weeks when it’s time to move up them.

Aimee G tape in

  1. Damage-free

Tape in extensions in NYC are very lightweight and don’t pull on your natural hair like other extensions. They grow out with your natural hair. Generally, good quality tape in hair extensions are damage-free and are very easy to remove.

  1. Reusability

Tape in extensions are re-used for about 6 months minimum or four to six applications. They can be used again and again. Once the tape in hair extensions are removed, they are cleaned, new tape added and re-applied. It’s important to have tape in’s that are easy to remove. That’s why getting top-quality tape in hair extensions is important.

  1. Flexibility

The best thing about these extensions is that when you wash and blow-dry them, they are easier to dry and take care of. When it comes to washing and blow-drying, tape ins are considered to be flexible and soft.


Final Consideration –

Nowadays many celebrities and fashion icons consider tape in hair extensions in NYC. They are easy to apply and maintain and you don’t feel them while wearing. If you’re new to extensions and want to have a lightweight option, tape in hair extensions are right for you. You won’t regret it.

Tape In Hair Extensions

It’s highly suggested to buy top-quality tape in hair extensions in NYC from Custom Hair By Catherine and a well-trained professional will place them in the best way possible. You will have an amazing experience with tape in hair extensions. For more information, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at 917-482-6493 or Customhairbycatherine@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment for a complementary consultation!

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